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"This pastrami is very different from all that I have ever tried. Wow! It's absolutely not what I expected. The taste is classic, but the meat itself is different, it's cutted extremely thin and in a unique way- not across, but along the veins. It looks like there is less fat. I am not against the fat. But this is so yummy, extraordinary, tender. People who cook it brake the stereotypes. After all, pastrami is an art."

Marc Rosati - кулинарный директор Shake Shack

"...if you don't want any experimental dishes at all, just order a big plate of the simplest baked vegetables and pumpkin soup with scallops- both of them are perfectly cooked. George Troyan came from the restaurant Bystro and turned out to be an ideal сatch for Severyane"

Ivan Glushkov

"Beginning from the starters we are ready to give regalia to the restaurant. The idea of Russian stove works, there is a clear story in every plate and every dish is special. So now we have the answer on a question who is mister Troyan and what he cooks."
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Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya st.,12

+7 499 700 08 98

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